A City Squawkers: 2nd Graders at CS 57

Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Graders at CS 57

a Day in the Garden

On Friday March 27th, the 2nd Graders in the After School Program spent an afternoon learning, working and playing at the Garden of Happiness. The students have been learning about gardening since the fall, working in the gardens, studying horticulture and livestock in the classroom and exploring the health effects of different diets.

The students have a special love and talent working with the chickens at the garden! The students have shown extreme care and understanding with the chickens, as the practice holding and feeding in the chickens. The students have also learned about the differences in raising hens using conventional or organic methods, exploring the outcomes in the eggs and the health of the chickens. In addition to learning about raising chickens, they have been learning about the benefits of keeping chickens in urban gardens.


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